Highly qualified employees can make or break your company. If they renounce, that hurts. Where are you going to find a good replacement?

By contracting with Exite, you enlist a highly educated and experienced professional.

Exite's interim professionals visit a wide range of organisations on a daily basis, so they are accustomed to different company cultures and adapt quickly and efficiently to new situations. We are very strong on both strategic and operations levels. We have vast experience in a diversity of organisations and business cultures, and specialisations in numerous area's.

Exite has interim professionals available for deployment world-wide.

Education and experience

Exite requires - amongst others - a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and at least three years of relevant working experience from all of its employees and subcontractors. They most have a proven ability to deliver strategic and operational tasks, have strong communication skills, and most possess the ambition and drive to make an assigment into a success for the client.

Areas of contracting

Exite supplies interim professionals mainly in the following sectors: government, finance, ict, logistics, procurement and technology.

Interim professionals

Exite's interim professionals are guaranteed to bring in current specialised knowledge. We are continually investing in their development, for example through ongoing training and coaching.

Exite provides interim managers, project managers and ICT architects, as well as senior technical profiles that can function as project leads for technical projects. Their résumés speak for themselfs.