Interim management

On the occasions where you would like to bring in an experienced ICT manager to temporarily replace or add to your current ict management, Exite has the perfect professional for you.

Please do not hesitate to request more information, and have a look at the résumés of our available consultants. They are "proof of the pudding"! If you need an independent interim manager with strong communcation and management skills, contact us.

When to use it

Change(s) in organisational processes

A change in policies or a different approach may be a reason to amend the management team too.  Even healthy organisations benefit by contracting an interim manager to professionally introduce new or altered operating procedures.

Replace or bridge

A key staff member might become unavailable for a prolonged period.  The interim manager falls in and provides adequate replacement.  in case of bridging a gap, the interim manager ensures that your processes, and therefore your organisation, continue to run smoothly.  Meanwhile, you will  have bought enough time to recruit the perfect successor.

Crisis management

The organisation is under extreme pressure.  The interim manager has the objectivity, experience and expertise, in close consultation with you, to set out the right directions and make the right decisions.  In this way, the unwanted pressure can be overcome successfully.

Project management

Both new and stagnating projects can be managed by an interim manager and allows management to focus on its core tasks and targets.

knowledge transfer

An interim manager can bring in the expertise and experience needed when the expertise at hand is insufficient.  Fresh insight can be implemented and transferred into your organisation.

The yield factor

We find ourselves occupied on a daily basis with questions about development of organisations and management, (strategic) quality assurance, certification, restructuring, etcetera.  Norms and models are just two of the tools we have at our disposal to counsel, advise and assist our clients.  Other very important aspects are talent, character, education, experience, common sense, creativity, customer oriented thinking and market savvy.