Application development

Exite has been developing web based applications for it's clients since early 2000. From structural procedural programming in the early days to the latest in PHP frameworks today.

Exite builds applications based on an in-house developed application framework which allows for fast development cycles, is highly modular in design, and can easily be adapted and scaled. Our application framework is build on top of the FuelPHP framework. Our developers are equally skilled in other development frameworks, like CodeIgniter or Zend.


This is our framework of choice. It's modern, fast, and has all the features required to build a modern enterprise application. To ensure it will remain so in the future, Exite has decided to sponsor the FuelPHP framework development team, both by allowing our staff to contribute to the framework and by providing the hosting needed to run the Open Source development team.

Content management

Not every business application needs to be build from scratch. For some applications a standard content management system will suffice, business functions can be added to the content management system in the form a modules, which can be easily styled to fully integrate in the look-and-feel of the application.


This is our content management system of choice. PyroCMS is an established Open Source content management system, build on top of the CodeIgniter framework, a framework that is very well known by our developers. Over the years we've build an extensive collection of add-on modules, making it a breeze to customize it for your particular needs.