The way we work

Over the years we have developed a series of guidelines all our developers must adhere to.

our programming guidelines

We find it imperative that clean code and API's are written which will make them easily maintainable, and allows for proper version management. The design and environment has to be setup in such a way that multiple programmers to work on the same project without difficulty. Our developers are encouraged to write in such a way that it leads to better readability and understanding of the source code. We want to ensure that other developers can understand and become familiar with the code witten in a short time.

structure through architectural patterns

In all applications we create, program logic and actions are isolated from interface and layout  (HTML, CSS). This will make it easy for designers (some without any programming experience) to be able to edit the interface and make design changes without help from programmers. Our framework supports an array of well-known template engines to further aid the designers on the project.

Everything we build is based on modules, packages and tools, allowing programmers to easily share code and implement complex functionalities and features in a fast and efficient manner. The structure we have put in place helps produce best practice coding with consistent logic and coding standards, and provides other developers the ability to become familiar with the code in a short time.

our framework

The framework of choice is FuelPHP. a relatively new but fast growing framework, utilizing the latest in PHP object oriented web development. Our lead architect is part of the frameworks core development team, which allows us to make sure the framework will support our needs when it comes to producing fast and efficient code. We also work extensively with CodeIgniter, which we have used as our primary framework over the last couple of years, and which is still widely in use today.

decades of experience

The architects and senior developers of Exite have been developing corporate applications since the early eighties. We have seen every platform, we have worked with every backend system, middleware and database, and we have evolved with the time. Since the early days of the internet (our first web based application was our own administrative system, written in 1998!), we have been building interactive, dynamic and enterprise web applications.

performance, load and stress testing

Performance testing is a integral part of our development process. We builds sites for success and develop to allow for scalability and future growth. We use automated test systems to make sure that your application can handle the user population have in mind.

quality assurance testing

An important part of development is testing every possible interaction with the application. Every piece of code we write comes with it's own unit tests, while our continuous integration systems makes sure all tests are run with every comitted change of the code. We are not satisfied until the highest level of quality is attained.