Working with us

Exite specializes in building and maintaining web based business applications and corporate websites.

Working with us starts with an intake. We like to see what your business is about, and what drives it. We like to understand the business processes that the application has to support. This allows us to put ourselfs in your shoes while we design your application, avoiding costly rework later on in the project.

Development process

We work using the process of iterative development. We have developed our own methodology, based on elements of Scrum and Agile Development. We have adapted the different parts of these methodologies into our project management and development process because we believe they are the best way to deliver an application that actually meets (or even exceeds) your specification.

When we start a new project, the projects high level milestones are defined. The requirements known at this point are cut up in logical pieces we call "tasks" by the projects architect. Each task is documented, scoped and estimated. We use an online project management tool for this process, to allow for easy access by the project team, which consists of both the members of development team and stakeholders from your company involved in the project. Work doesn't begin until you have approved a defined task, after which it will be assigned to one of the developers. The project team meets weekly, to discuss the project, any task related issues that may impact other tasks, to report any new tasks they have identified while working on one, and to plan the next week of work.

This process of iterative development means we can deliver new components for testing to you on a weekly basis, which means we receive direct feedback on the work produced, corrections can be quickly made, and changes in requirements or scope can be captured as early as possible.


To open with a tough one: we don't do fixed-price projects.

The reason behind this is very simple, in the nearly 30 years we've been involved in application development, we still have to see the first project that is scoped perfectly from the outset, with all the requirements known and documented, all the technical challenges sorted out, and without a single change while the application is being developed.

In reality the opposite is true. Usually, a development project starts with the simple statement "I need an application that does this and that". After some discussion the basic requirements are known and development begins. After that requirements change, new requirements are added, priorities shift, and technical challenges that weren't there in the beginning emerge.

So, what then?

Simple. We work and bill you on an hourly rate. We work in close interaction with our clients, who will at all times be in control of the project, it's milestones and it's cost. For projects of moderate size, we will bill you on a monthly basis. For larger projects, we also provide the option to use a billing cycle per completed milestone.