Working for Exite

Exite is a typical "small = beautiful" company, with a predominantly technical inclination. If you consider yourself a "techie", if you're really good, and if it appeals to you to commence the next phase in your career with an ample degree of autonomy, in the company of, and with support from, elite colleagues, then Exite might be the match.

What is our philosophy?

We are convinced that true quality always will pay off. Therefore, all we want is to do an outstanding job, and we have no objection to being rewarded outstandingly in return. Certainly not too much, but equally certainly not too little. Simple, honest, and crystal clear.

Moreover, we strongly believe that such top-notch quality can only be realized by top-notch people using top-notch gear. Consequently, Exite never economizes on those. Knowledge is power, and good tools do half the job, so we are always more than happy to invest in both.

What is Exite's outlook?

Exite started as a lean and mean company, and we intend to keep it that way. We do not feel the urge to grow into the umpteenth consultancy outfit with 100 or more acne-covered recent graduates in dark blue suits, who yet must learn everything but nevertheless have to live up to customer's expectations of "senior consultants", or - uglier still - "assistant managers".

At Exite, no chic office buildings on A1 locations (whatever is wrong with some remote working), no secretaries (our office skills can't be beat anyway), no uninterested field managers (if something comes up, you just call, or we sit down together to discuss), no lazy account managers (we know our customers best ourselves), no legal staff, no marketing dept, no hrm, no accountants, no controllers. And absolutely, positively, no "assistant managers.

We do not want to invest in such overhead, which we have to earn first. and quite frankly, we already have had and done all of that in the past, and we really don't need it anymore. Been there, done that. We definitely prefer to roll up our own sleeves. And that suits us just fine, for years already.

In a nutshell, we want to be a successful, comradely, down-to-earth company, without parasites. If you wish to share in the success of Exite, excellent, and you're more than welcome, but you will need to pull your own just like everybody else.

What are the "financial targets"?

This is the easy part. There aren't any. We don't endorse shareholders value, and we don't feel the numbers must necessarily increase by double digits every year.

We think it is a pretty good year already, if:

  • our customers are more than satisfied
  • our associates are feeling good
  • our bills have been paid
  • there are no loans or debts
  • enough is left over to add to the reserves.

We don't live to work, rather we work well in order to live well. This means doing a first class professional job, which is not only fun to do, but also earns you respect and acclaim. And that's really all there is to it.

Exite's corporate culture

Here are - as americans would term it - our "values":

  • focus on quality and professionalism - there is already plenty of botching up going on in our field
  • 100% integrity in everything - we mess with nobody, nobody messes with us
  • heart for the company, and for one another
  • down to earth
  • we're good, but not possessed
  • earn your salary
  • take your responsibility
  • no red tape
  • no endless meetings
  • carry your own weight
  • no whining
  • no nonsense
  • no bullshit
  • no assholes
  • okay to make mistakes, but not twice the same - that you'll need to explain
  • no surprises

And let's never forget to have fun !

If this sounds good, take a look at

Your profile

Alas, we are quite demanding. You will appreciate that, considering our goals and culture, we must be pretty choosey. And yes, we are lucky to be in the very fortunate position that we can afford that.

Of course, you are not required to match all of the characteristics outlined below, but still we would like to see the majority.

  • uncompromising integrity and total openness
  • a good set of brains
  • good education (or experience) at least at level, with ict as major
  • you have over 5 years of experience in resolving complex ict challenges
  • your résumé is exciting
  • your achievements are impressive, and you are proud of them
  • your references are of the highest standing
  • you are a perfectionist by nature, but remain pragmatic
  • anything you deliver is well thought-out, and can pass any review
  • you meet your commitments, or you would not have made them
  • you take full responsibility for your work and acts
  • you have helicopter view, no tunnel vision
  • you don't outline spanish castles, but tangible, feasible results
  • you are happy to be kept accountable for those
  • you have a broad view and a sense of discrimination
  • you know what - both in your métier and in the world - really matters, and what not
  • you have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • you are able to acquire your own contracts
  • you are a self starter, a few words are enough for you
  • you are penny wise, but not pound foolish
  • you have excellent command of your languages
  • your written reports and numbers are impeccable
  • if called upon, you will have sufficient boardroom presence
  • what you don't know about your specialty, is not worth knowing
  • you consider it an honor to show associates how to do something, without becoming a wise guy
  • you like to coach and help others, in order to achieve the best possible results
  • people like working with you
  • you demonstrably keep up with new developments in your field
  • you are inquisitive and eager to learn, you really would like to know all about everything
  • you graciously accept something if someone convinces you with knowledge or argumentation
  • you have no problem admitting your errors or misjudgments
  • you are no governmental official, strategy-writer, meeting tiger, theoretician, or equipped with hindsight
  • you are not a fanatic (nor union, nor religion, nor politics, nor sports)
  • you are not above anything, or otherwise of very delicate build
  • you have a sound sense of humor
  • you are a very agreeable person to have around
  • you appreciate the good things in life

You still with us? Good! Now it is our turn.

What we offer you

We give you the complete freedom to develop your talents to the fullest, pursuing your career in the direction of your preference. Obviously within the limits of the attainable, but you will find that those are pretty elastic with us.

We cannot make your career, you will have to do that yourself. What we can do is create the circumstances and means to make that happen.

For starters, you determine yourself, in consult with us, the shape of our co-operation. There are 4 different possibilities to work for, or with, Exite.

In descending order of "own risk" and also of remuneration level, they are:


You are an independent entrepreneur, and demonstrably in compliance with all going legal regulations.

Exite contracts your services on project basis to carry out an assignment. You invoice Exite, and Exite invoices the client. Exite charges you a management fee depending on the amount of effort required to acquire and co-ordinate the assignment, and on the extent of risk or liability we carry in connection with the assignment.

The principal is always fully informed about, and agrees with, your being a subcontractor.

Subcontractor on our payroll for the duration of the project

This is an option if either you do not comply with all legal regulations on independent entrepreneurship, or the principal does not allow subcontracting.

We place you on our payroll for a minimal base salary plus variable pay in accordance with the agreed rate, and we take care of remittance of income tax and social security duties.

We give you a labor contract for the fixed duration of the assignment, which can be extended once for a second fixed period. Specific clauses will be included for cases of absence, illness, incapacity and such. Although you formally are on Exite's payroll, you are not entitled to the full benefits of a regular employee.

Exite charges you a management fee depending on the amount of effort required to acquire and co-ordinate the assignment, and on the extent of risk or liability we carry in connection with the assignment.

Employee with full profit performance responsibility

You are placed on our payroll and enjoy full employee benefits. You take complete care of your own contract acquisition.

Your salary is composed of a (minimal) base salary and a high variable pay proportional with the profit you realize.

Employee with partial profit performance responsibility

You are placed on our payroll and enjoy full employee benefits. You take co-responsibility of your own contract acquisition.

Your salary is composed of a (slightly less than market) base salary and a variable pay proportional with the profit you realize.

Benefits for Exite employees include:

  • company car or transport allowance
  • smartphone
  • laptop, in accordance with our facilities
  • all needed training courses and tools - no questions asked
  • attractive facilities for pension, health insurance, loans, etc.
  • coaching, and when needed hands-on support, by very experienced colleagues
  • say in management - we really value your input (but do make it worth our while)
  • responsibility - we give you the room to use your own insight to achieve the best possible result
  • together enjoy the good (things in) life

Exite initially offers all new employees a labor contract restricted to a fixed period. The underlying train of thought is that if this bothers you, you may lack self-esteem; an absolute prerequisite to work at Exite.


It begins with a good conversation. Call Pieter Huizinga on +31 (10) 212-5461, or send an email to