What our clients say about us

We know we're good at what we do. And we're not afraid to say so. But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have said about us!

His drive to get things done, in the proper way and on time, is inspiring for the team members. I strongly recommend Pieter for exciting projects!

Ton van Boven, Service Delivery Manager, CapGemini

In my opinion, there are only few people of this caliber available on the market, and we should cherish them.

René Capellen, former Sr. Project Manager, KPN Corporate Market

Pieter Huizinga knows the IT industry inside out and is able to lead business critical IT projects, being a strong, strategic negotiator as well for his clients.

Jacob van Sante, former Account Executive, Dell Advanced Systems Group

The project was about to run into the ground, but Pieter got it under control and back on track, within weeks of appearing on the site. The pilots were approved by the client. Again, Exite delivered great results.

Pierre A.C.M. van Aalst RA, COO/CFO, Quintac Management Services

If you want to increase your return on IT investments, I can recommend Pieter and his team.

Peter Hanselman, former CIO, Getronics

[...] excellent leadership qualities, combined with humor and tenacity needed in complex IT projects. [...] solution-centered and driven by openness and honesty. Practical and straight-forward with a good eye for political circumstances and consequences.

André Nuse, retired Lt.Col., Dutch Royal Navy

Your professionalism and deep IT knowledge are certainly outstanding!

Klaus Hufnagel, former business development director, GE Capital TIP Europe

Personally, I think you and your team have done an outstanding job.

Barry DeSantis, former president & COO, GE Capital TIP Europe

You were a bright light at [GE] Capital, and I would love to stay in touch!

John A. McKinley, former executive VP & CTO, Merrill Lynch; former CIO, GE Capital

Without any doubt, the very best investment decision I have ever made.

Bart van Donselaar, former ict manager, Floraholland Aalsmeer

We would never have achieved these results without Exite.

Bart van Donselaar, former ict manager, Floraholland Aalsmeer

Exite is THE reliable expert you need on any IT issue.

Martin Legué, former COO, Stork Veco

What I am looking for in a new CIO? I am really looking for a second Pieter Huizinga.

Daniel Austin, former vice president information technology, GE Capital Modular Space Inc.

Outstanding achievements!

Suzanne Wetherington, former sr. vice president information technology, GE Capital TIP Inc.

Absolutely the best systems I have ever seen.

Robert (Bob) Smits, Director, GE Corporate

I think you are doing a hell of a job.

Todd Bradley, former president & CEO, GE Capital TIP Inc.

... in everything they do, always focused only on achieving what ultimately is best for the customer.

Arno Schartman, former ict operations manager, Floraholland Aalsmeer

I learned more from this man in the last 3 months than in the previous 8 years.

Lieuwe Buis, IT & Facilities manager, Dutch home owners association