Application hosting

At Exite, we specialize in providing custom solutions.  By working closely with you, we design the infrastructure that would suit you best. both Linux and Windows solutions have no secrets from us.

With our premium service level agreement (SLA) we will ensure you get the highest uptime guarantees. we can offer such guarantees thanks to the high-level infrastructure and qualified technical personnel of our infrastructure provider, OVH.  In case of non-compliance, a strict compensation system is applied. due to the quantity of additional services that are included in the premium SLA, you can enjoy a redundant environment, which is ideal for most complex solutions.  Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure in OVH's hypermodern data centres with guaranteed power supply, air conditioning, video surveillance and fire detection systems guarantee optimal security of your data.

your server managed by our experts

Are you looking for a quality server including professional management?  We are happy to take over the management of your server.  This way, you can focus on your core business and you have the guarantee that your server is in good hands with our managed hosting team.  Thanks to our many years of experience in managing thousands of servers in enterprise environments, we know better than anyone else what your server needs.  For each service, you pay a fixed monthly fee.  You can choose yourself if you want to keep managing certain elements of the management or if you want our experts to manage everything for you.

you run your business, we run your server

Exite is the ideal partner for the daily management of your servers and applications.  Our qualified personnel know better than anyone else how we have to secure and maintain our environment so that it can work optimally.  By the way, we put on paper our entire provision of services, obligations and guarantees in an extensive service level agreement (SLA).  This is your guarantee for an optimal working/collaboration.

Website hosting

We have standard packages available for managed website hosting, ranging from a shared web server to your own dedicated server. All our hosting solutions are secured using network- and application firewalls, and reverse proxies.  For all websites analytics is available as an option, run on our own secure analytics server.

No matter which package you select, the managed service includes operating system and middleware updates and patches, security and logfile monitoring, server and service uptime monitoring.  Optionally, we can also manage your web application, including version maintenance and upgrades if you use standard software like a content management system.

Try it today!

Download the brochure of our Managed Hosting services, or call or email us for an appointment. We will gladly demonstrate our Managed Hosting services to you, or provide you with a fully functional trial, with no obligation.