Carefree Desktop

Our Carefree Desktop service immediately lowers your ICT costs, you don’t need to invest in your desktop environment anymore.  You can start directly, using your current desktop, laptop or thin-client. It allows you to immediately introduce teleworking, at home or on the road.  With the same comfort as in the office.  Completely secure, no limitations, access to the same desktop, anywhere.

Your personal desktop runs in our secured data centre, securely accessible anywhere, over the internet.  flexible.  effortless.  carefree.  safe.  reliable.  up-to-date.

The “pay as you go” formula rules out financial surprises.  It offers unparalleled flexibility.  Desktops you no longer require can be returned.  You only pay for what you use.

How does it work ?

You subscribe — for a fixed fee per user per month — to a number of fully equipped windows desktops, which actually run on the servers in our data centre.  But you never notice.  except for the obvious cost advantage.

Using your laptop, your pc, your thin-client, in the office, at home, in a pub, in a restaurant, at the gym, in a hotel, at the airport, in the train, or in an (internet) café, literally anywhere where internet access is available, you easily make a secure connection to your own desktop.  As if your pc is standing next to you.

Based on your requirements, you can choose one of the packages we have available.  Your virtual desktop will be equiped with CPU power and memory depending on the package selected.  If you have different groups of users, you can mix-and-match to make sure you don't pay more then needed.  We also have different software packages. Depending on your needs the desktop comes with some or all Microsoft Office applications, standard or high availablity, and a selection of storage capacities.

Try it today!

Download the brochure of our Carefree Desktop services, or call or email us for an appointment.  We will gladly demonstrate our Carefree Desktop services to you, or provide you with a fully functional trial, with no obligation.